AG1 Lysis Buffer,Total Nucleic Acid Extraction
AG1 Lysis Buffer
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– ACC 00760/0060


– AG1 Lysis Buffer


– 60mL,


– Buffers & Reagents

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– AG1 Lysis Buffer
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– The AG1 Lysis Buffer and Total Nucleic Acid Extraction protocol are used for the isolation of total RNA and DNA from plant materials. This method is a fast and inexpensive alternative to commercial column-based extraction kits and does not require the use of phenol, chloroform, or β-mercaptoethanol. Nucleic acids isolated using this method may be used in a variety of downstream molecular biology applications, such as conventional PCR, RT-PCR, Real-time PCR, and dot blot hybridization. This method is suitable for the recovery of viral RNA, viral DNA, bacterial DNA, and viroid RNA. NOTE: AG1 Lysis Buffer has been used with diverse tissue types in various molecular assays; however, the validation of every tissue type for every downstream application is not possible. Extracts using the AG1 Lysis Buffer have been known to produce a non-specific response on occasion. Please validate the use of the AG1 Lysis Buffer for your downstream application by using known negative and positive material to ensure that it is suitable for your use. This item is for research use only. This extraction method is validated for use in select Agdia products. This extraction method is recommended for plant tissues (leaves and seed) only. The quality and yield of nucleic acid produced from this method are dependent on the condition of the plant materials.
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